Atal Akhada Peetadeeshwar Acharya Mahamandaleshwar Swami Sukhdevanandji in his speech  declares that Swami Nithyanadna is going to be the next Acharya of the Atal Peeta. The announcement was made on the Avata Dina Brahmotsav celebration of Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

Acharya mahamandaleshwar Sukadevanandji discourse translation

Worthy of supreme reverence. Worthy of remembering at dawn. Mahamandaleshwar Sri Nithyananda ji Maharaj and other revered respective head of mandalas present here.

Today, I was supremely delighted to have attended the grand celebration of the welfare and spiritual birth of infinite jeevas.

Sri Nithyananda Maharaja, whom  we highly revere, blessed is the mother who has given birth to the great being, blessed is that father, and land which has given birth to such divine beings.

Shastra says

“Janma dukham, jara dukham, jayadukham punah punah
Samsara sagaram dukham, tasmat Jagrata, Jagrata”

But no no. Birth is a pleasant event. It is not an unpleasant event. Birth happens by divine will. Does not happen even by parents’ wish. Parents’ union happens infinite times but child is not born. Only when the Supreme atman wants, a distinct soul enters a mother’s womb. It is by the very wish of the Param Atman that such divine beings are born, and their birth paves way for the liberation of many human beings.

This happens for a specific purpose, at some special time in this ocean of worldly existence. To bring happiness, spiritual bliss, to uplift the beings caught in eternal sorrow, great beings are born.

They are all incarnations. This is avataran (descent of the divine being), not birth.

Taking human body such distinct personalities manifest themselves in this world. Some people at that time don’t cognize them. Because we are idol worshipers, only later we worship them as idols by calling them God.

I am coming here for the second time, at this place, this special place, this divine action field of yours, where I am seeing so many people, coming from their houses, on the grand celebration of your birthday, bearing so much hardships, walking for 15 -15 days, it amazes me. I have seen people going to Sabarimala and at many other places, but here too, I them coming in a procession, blowing trumpets, beating drums, singing songs, doing kirtans. It makes me very happy. It is not a simple act. Some people writhe in pain seeing this. But I feel only happiness. It is that distinct supreme lord, which incarnates, manifests Himself in infinite forms for the betterment of this world.

It is a divine play. They do such leelas in many forms. Sometimes in the form of a Guru, sometimes as a dear friend, sometimes as a brother.

Tvameva mata ca pita tvamav bandhush ca sakha tvamev
tvamev vidya dravinam tvamev tvamev saravam mam dev dev .

In between a Guru and God, a saint was asked – who is higher? God is greater or Guru? The saint said –

(hindi poem)

” Guru and God both stand in front of me, at whose feet do I prostate?O, Glory to Guru, who made me meet the God “

Guru is the cause. In Bhavanopanishad, the first sutra, it is said that Guru is mother. Guru is mother who gives birth, the birth of spiritual life. guru is mother. Who is Guru? Guru is mother.

Till today my inner self was drowned in desires, I was drenched in subjects and patterns, stained in mud, a filthy child. But the one who lifts that child, gives him divine bath, dresses him with beautiful clothes, gives him divine experiences, divine offerings of divine sanyas, places him in the lap of the God who is the embodiment of truth…He is Guru.

Guru disperses darkness. How to say…. we haven’t seen God.  We have not recognized God. We haven’t recognized god. But Guru is physically present in front of us, Guru comes ahead of Him, Guru is greater than Him. Guru is the medium.

Thus Guru is the mother. The mother who dresses up the child, done many types of makeup, and then makes the child sit in the lap of the Paramatma….and tells Him to take care of the child. This is the work of Gurudev. This is the work of the divine beings.

The Holiest being who is present here has come from in your midst. Lotus sprouts from the mud only. But there no stench of the mud, what it has is the divine beauty and smell.

So today, what I had today is the direct darshan of Satyam (eternal Truth), Shivam (Eternal auspiciousness) and Sundaram (eternal joy).

Secondly, and it gives me great happiness to say this, I am the Atal peethadheeshwar, and even if it is possibly in the womb of future, but I announce that in the near future, Swami Nithyananda ji will be felicitated as the Acharya Mahamandaleshwar of Atal Peetha.


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