Krishna – The Greatest Proponent of Sankhya Yoga

Krishna perhaps the most well known figure of Hinduism and the author of one of the greatest works in the history of the word -...

Buddha (Sankhyamuni) – The Sage of Kapiavastu

Buddha was born in the times when Hinduism had floundered from its roots and had degenerated into mindless rituals and blind faith. But that...

Shankara – The Reviver of Sanatana Hindu Dharma

If anything is known to us as Hinduism today, the origin of that is from Shankara. Non controversially the greatest master of Hinduism in...

Modern Masters

Temples and Maths


Paramahamsa Nithyananda Ji
Vishwadevanand Ji
Sukhdevanand Ji
Shivachethan Puri Ji
Dayanand Vedapati Ji
Vishnudevanand Ji
Vishokanand Ji
Asanganand Ji
Kamalapuri Ji
Athmaramanand Ji
Premanand Ji
Vishveshwaranand Ji
Nithyananda Ji
Anand Chaitanya Saraswathi Ji
Shiv Premanand Ji
Ramgiri Ji
Atmanand puri Ji
Kamalanand Ji
Divyanand Ji
Maheshwaranand Ji
Shraddhanand Ji

Abhedanand Ji
Harishchand puri Ji
Viyoganand Ji
Ashutosh Ji

Shivaswarup Ji
Hariharanand Ji
Dati Ji
Devendranand Ji
Rameshwaranand Ji
Jasraj Puri Ji
Vishwa Atmanand Ji
Suman Bharathi Ji
Girada Giri Ji
Vida Giri Ji
Satyanand Giri Ji
Baghavathanand Ji
Jayadev Yogi Ji
Ishwaranand Ji
Veda Bharathi Ji
Jaya Kishan Puri Ji

Marthad Puri Ji
Prakash Saraswathi Ji
Prananand Ji
Jnan Puri Ji
Kr Chetan Puri Ji
Jnan Chetan Ji

Shankaranand Sarasvati

Panchayati Akhara Mahanirvani
Kankhal, Mayapur, Haridwar,
Uttarakhand 249408

The Forest of Banyan Trees: Sanatana Hindu Dharma

The Mahanirvani Peeta has been the main Banyan Tree of Sanatana Hindu Dharma from time in memorial till today.  Starting with Sadashiva and through...

Structure of the Mahanirvani Akhada

The Sanyasis of the Akhada are given names from the Dasanami nomenclature. The Dasamani names are: Saraswathi, Bharathi, Puri, Giri, Parvath, Sagara, Tirtha, Ashrama,...

Books on Dasanami Sanyasis and Akhadas

Not all these books are accurate. Many contain wild discrepancies in their understanding of the Nirvani Sanyasis and the Mahanirvani Peetam and it's history....

Warriors of Mahadeva: A Short Story

Chapter 1: The Yogi of Arunachala We live in uncertain times. Perhaps all times are that way to a person who is brooding. It is...

Kumbh Mela – The Greatest Gathering of Humanity

The Kumbh is a gathering like no other. 100 million people got together in Prayag in 2013 with just one purpose - of their...

52 Marhis of the Mahanirvani Akhada

The 52 Marhis of the Mahanirvani Akhada corresponds to the 52 Desas of Akhanda Bharath. Each of these is the who-is-who of the major...

Mahanirvani, The Naked Ascetics: Protectors and Promoters of Sanatana Hindu Dharma

From time in memorial the history of Bharath has been forged - not by kings or by technologies or natural resources - but by...